Opticlimate Systems

The ultimate grow room cooling system has arrived at no1hydro.
The manufacturer AirSupplies Holland BV is an innovative and pioneering company whose goal is to research and develop products which deliver the best performance possible.
As part of a vast and expanding range they have developed cutting edge technology for the hydroponics industry and believe me what these products achieve is unrivalled in the industry.
This system-
Maintains the target temperature of the room, whatever the weather
Dehumidifies to reduce moisture levels
Cools ustilising a 740w water cooling system
Heats utilising 2 x 1300w ceramic heaters
Circulates air in the grow room
Equipped with light sensor, humidistat and temperature probe
Low noise levels – very quiet when running
Pre-heat and slow cool-down function to gradually ease plants into day and night cycles
Auto-shutdown feature protects against leakages and potential hazards
Water consumption of 1-2 litres per minute
Runs on a single phase residential mains supply
All from one appliance!
The Opticlimate water cooled air conditioner unit is a complete solution for ultimate indoor climate control while using as little energy as possible. It is a one stop answer for any temperature and environmental issues, it utilises the increased ability of water to cool air and in doing so wipes the floor with air cooled air conditioning systems. It has the added bonus that the waste from the system is simply warm water which then goes down the drain or can be re-used for you plants. This means that a sealed room becomes a very accessible option.
4 systems are available the 3500, 6000, 10000 and 15000. The systems sizes are based on the amount of light you can cool.
Opticlimate 3500 Pro 3 system- 6 x 600 watts or 9 x 400 watts
Opticlimate 6000 Pro 3 system- 10 x 600 watts or 15 x 400 watts
Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 system- 16 x 600 watts or 24 x 400 watts
Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 system- 24 x 600 Watts or 35 x 400 watts

The system also has an inbuilt remote control unit to set and manage the system.
Use the Opticlimate in conjunction with the Opticlimate Maxi controller and Dimlux extreme series ballasts for the best system for grow room control for both closed and open systems. When using the whole system you can take advantage of the plant canopy camera, CO2 sensor, temperature sensor and also humidity sensor to have a fully automatic room. You just need to provide a source of CO2.
One Opticlimate can manage two rooms by having them on a split cycle so one on the night phase and one on the day phase and by adding in a 3 way valve and an extra temperature sensor.
The Opticlimate has many safety features built in and also many add on options. It has a water sensor to cut off the supply if it detects any leaks. It has a fault system on the remote control, and if the temperature is too high it will adjust the operation of the system accordingly. There is also a high temperature threshold and it will dim your lights and switch off any heaters or gas generators if this happens. The system when used with a Dimlux maxi controller will also pre warm your room, dim the lights when needed and has a cool down time setting as well,