Lighting & Accessories

At no1hydro we stock an extensive range of grow lamps, reflectors, ballasts, lighting contactors and complete grow lighting systems from budget entry level through to high-end industry standard for the more experienced indoor hydroponic gardener.
Purchasing the perfect grow lighting system is one of the most crucial choices for any indoor gardener, too small, and your plants will fail to reach their potential, too big, you’ll struggle with high temperatures, burnt leaves, flowers or fruits and both will result in unhealthy plants with poor yields.
Whether you’re after propagation lighting for seedlings or cuttings using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) or T5 units, dedicated blue spectrum MH (Metal Halide) for the vegetative stage, red spectrum HPS (High Pressure Sodium) for flowering or Dual Spectrum HPS lamps that can be used for veg and flower, then look no further than no1hydro.
We also stock a wide range of reflectors including cheap budget Euro wing style reflectors, through to high end Adjust-A-Wings and Parabolic style reflectors from Sun King and Grostar. If you’re looking for an air-cooled reflector, we also stock them, from the budget Cooltube, through to the state of the art, vertical lamp mounted, OG Air-Cooled Reflector from Growlite or the various sized air-cooled reflectors by Sunstretcher, the choice is entirely yours.
And don’t forget the ballast, although T5’s and CFL’s lighting systems are self-ballasting, therefore not required, HPS & MH lamps do and are available in 2 varieties, basic magnetic coil ballasts, which are generally cheaper over the more expensive digital ballasts which have the advantage of being more efficient with a cooler running temperature.
We also recommended that when running HPS or MH lamps, you should use a dedicated lighting contactor/timer as basic segmental timers can fail with the voltage load from high powered lighting and we have these in stock to suit all budgets, from basic Heavy Duty timers for a single lamp through to units that will run up to 8 x 600w lamps.
Maximise the potential of your plants by using the perfect lighting system for your grow tent or room, and for further advice or information, please ring one of our expert members of staff on 0208 598 2421 where they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.