Pots & Trays

When you are setting up a hydroponic garden one of the most important things that you will need to choose is the pots and trays that you will keep your plants in. There are many different options out there for pots and trays, but some of them are better than others. Take your time to select the right pots and trays for your garden so that you will get the best results from your hydroponic projects.

We stock a range of hydroponic containers, pots and trays that you can use for growing plants in your home. From round pots to square pots to net pots you will find a great selection of pots and trays to choose from for your hydroponic growing system. Glance through the choices that we have to offer and find the container that will provide the best possible environment for your plant.

  • Round Plant Pots

  • Square Plant Pots

  • Square White Hydro Pots

  • Root Running Air Pots

  • Air Pots - Super Roots

  • Smart Pot

  • Plant Pot Buckets & Lids

  • Net Pots

  • Bucket Baskets

  • Net Pot Lids & Covers

  • Plant Pot Inserts And Convertors

  • Nutrient & Water Tanks

  • Plant Pot Trays & Saucers

  • Plant Pot Trays