Plants need very little to thrive and grow. All they need is sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and a range of different mineral nutrients from the soil. Plants will transform light energy into chemical energy to form sugars that will allow them to sustain themselves and grow.

When plants are growing naturally outdoors they receive a lot of nutrients naturally from the soil – but when you are growing them indoors in a hydroponic garden they miss out on these nutrients. The nutrients occur naturally in the soil, but the soil itself is not required for the plant to grow. The plant simply requires the minerals themselves from the soil. This is why it is important for you to supply them with what they need in order to grow and flourish.

When you are gardening with hydroponics you will take away the soil requirement while still supplying the plant with everything it needs to grow. We stock a great range of hydroponic nutrients so that your plants will thrive and you will be successful with your gardening projects.

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