Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic growing means that gardening is no longer limited by climates and growing seasons. Now any plant can be grown anywhere at any time of the year – thanks to the technology of hydroponic growing systems. These simple yet effective systems have given us the freedom to grow our favourite plants wherever we choose.

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. The nutrients that the plant needs to grow are simply dissolved in the water instead and depending on the hydroponic system that is used the plan will be able to derive all of the elements it needs for growth.

This practice of growing plants without soil has a lot of important and exciting possibilities for our future. As the population of the planet increases and there is less arable land available for crop production, hydroponics will allow us to produce crops in greenhouses in large multi-level buildings rather than requiring large amounts of land for fields.

There are many different hydroponic growing systems on the market, from drip irrigation to flood and drain to aeroponics to NFT. Each one offers slightly different advantages and might be the ideal choice for your growing system. We stock a wide range of high quality hydroponic systems so that you can find the growing technology that is ideal for your needs.

Maybe you would like to start a garden but you don’t have enough outdoor space at your property? Or maybe you want to be able to grow plants, vegetables and fruits that do not grow well in your climate? Starting a hydroponic garden indoors is a great way to enjoy your gardening hobby all throughout the year no matter what the weather.

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