Fans & Filters

In order to live plants need to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This means that it is essential for there to be an air exchange in your hydroponic grow room.

Fans and filters are designed to create an air exchange passing through your hydroponic garden that will prevent the stomata of the plants from becoming clogged with poisons expelled by the plants during their transpiration. It will also lessen the humidity in your hydroponic garden and decrease the risk of disease to your plants. Air flow and circulation are essential for the best possible grow room setup, so make sure that you choose the right system for your plants.

Your extractor fan system needs to be large enough to exchange the total volume of the air in your hydroponic garden every few minutes. Think about the extraction route that you choose when you are setting up your hydroponic system – hot air rises so it makes sense to place the extractor at the top of the room and keep the air intake closer to the floor.

An oscillating fan will create enough movement to cool down the room, which will help to minimize hot spots. It will also serve a helpful function for your plants, as it will stimulate a natural fresh breeze which will help the stems to grow stronger. Also, the movement of fresh air helps to prevent fungal disease and mould on your plants.

Grow lights can also generate too much heat, which can be unhealthy for your plants. An exhaust fan will help you to remove the build-up of heat so that you can prevent your plants from overheating.

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